What we’ll fund

We fund causes that align to our purpose to make a healthy difference to quality of life. These include initiatives:

  • For people who are young and/or vulnerable
  • To support preventative health and wellbeing initiatives
  • To celebrate and promote a healthy life
  • To try and tackle health inequality

Example impacts we’re looking for include:

  • Improved wellbeing and quality of life
  • Improved access to health and wellbeing initiatives, especially in hard-to-reach populations and underfunded and marginalised communities
  • Improved quality of health and wellbeing resources
  • Improved attendance/take up of health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Improved social interactions/education of health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Improved community cohesion around health and wellbeing

As long as your organisation meets our criteria, then you could be eligible for funding.

You can submit an application in writing by email to to charity@westfieldhealth.com. The donation request form can be downloaded here. The form to request a donation of a defibrillator can be downloaded here.

There are no deadlines and submissions are considered throughout the year.