Incorporating exercise and nutrition into daily life is essential for our health and wellbeing.

Research reveals that people who are physically active have lower rates of unplanned illness-related absenteeism. Likewise, healthy eating can help employees maintain their energy levels throughout the day, increasing focus and concentration. Small changes in behaviour can have a big impact on absences, health and productivity. But with many workplaces now split between home and on-site facilities, employees may encounter extra barriers to accessing physical health support. These free resources are designed to help you encourage healthy habits at work.

10-minute workplace workouts

We’ve put together a series of 10-minute workplace workouts that you and your team can do without equipment, anytime, anywhere. These videos cover a range of different ways to add some movement into your day, as well as a meditation session for when you need time to relax and refocus.

Resources for HR professionals

Wellbeing webinars

Coping with Covid

COVID-19 resource centre