Our recent research reports found that mental health days off increased by 10% in 2020, costing businesses a total of £14bn. After such a turbulent year, it’s not surprising that 27% of employees are feeling anxious about work and 24% are looking for extra wellbeing support from their employer in the coming months.

We’ve put together a free webinar and some useful mental health factsheets to help you support your employees and their mental health.

Webinar - Mental health in the workplace: understanding the importance and how to support your employees

Watch our recent mental health webinar where our experts, Cathy Lawson and Rosie Marino, discuss the importance of good mental health in the workplace, how to recognise the signs when an employee is struggling, and ways to improve and support mental health and wellbeing in your workforce.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the importance of good mental health in the workplace
  • How to spot the signs of poor mental health
  • Techniques to help your workforce build resilience with key topics such as controlling worry and positive thinking

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