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How much does employee ill health cost your organisation?

For an estimate of your current sickness absence costs and potential savings by reducing absence, please complete the following questions as accurately as possible. Don’t worry though if you don’t know the precise figures for your organisation, as we’ve suggested some industry average figures for you. You can email the results to yourself to share with colleagues.

Absence calculator

Calculating the direct cost of absence

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Enter you total headcount rather than FTE.

The figures below are suggested based on industry research. Please update with your own data where possible.

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Enter your company's total annual salary bill, including non wage costs such as employers' NI and pension contributions, and cost of employee benefits (typically these are 30% above wage costs but may vary for your business. Source: DWP 2013). If you don't know your salary costs then we'll calculate it based on the UK average gross annual salary of £28,200 (ONS 2016), plus £8,460 in non-wage costs. If your company only pays SSP, you can enter the maximum SSP liability of 28 weeks at £88.45 (£2,477) multiplied by your number of employees.

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This is total absence time per annum divided by total working time available per annum (the latter is assumed to be 230 days, based on a full time employee working 5 days a week and 52 weeks in a year, less 22 days annual leave and 8 public holidays). We've entered the average rate for your industry sector (source: CIPD 2016), but you can enter your company's actual rate if you know it.

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Calculated by dividing total absence days per annum by number of employees. We've entered the average days for your industry sector (source: CIPD 2016), but you can enter the actual days for your company if you know them.

Calculate direct cost of absence

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Your total working days lost to absence per annum

Your total direct cost of absence per annum

Your direct cost of absence per person per annum

Every day an employee calls in sick your direct costs are...

But direct costs are only half of the picture

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Research by Bevan & Hayday (2001) indicates that, on average, indirect costs are equal to a company's direct costs. Indirect costs include: overtime or acting up allowances, temporary workers' wages, absence administration, management time arranging cover or replacements, training temporary staff or replacements, lower productivity of temporary or returning staff, and even lost customers.

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There is little conclusive research in this area yet, but some commentators suggest Presenteeism due to ill health costs at least as much as absenteeism.

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Do you already fund Occupational Health services, or adhoc private diagnosis and treatment for key workers? If so enter an estimate of the annual cost here, but don't include any employee healthcare benefits that you have already counted in the 'total annual salary bill' box above.

Calculate total cost of absence

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Your total absence cost per annum (direct, indirect, presenteeism and company funded interventions)

Your total absence cost per person per annum

Every day an employee calls in sick in total it costs you...

Potential savings by reducing your absence

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Westfield Health customer, Boston College, achieved a 21% reduction in their absence rate as a result of implementing Westfield Health cover. You can read their case study on our website. Enter your target for absence reduction here.

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Potential savings available for investment in the health and wellbeing of your employees

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